Are Mutual Fund Schemes true to their Colour?

by Deepak Sharma 10. June 2010 12:07

Mutual funds schemes are the vehicle for investors to take their desired destination. The destination or goals of the investors vary from investor to investor as per their risk appetite. To lure the various risk appetites, manufacturers normally keep a bunch of schemes to attract the various risk appetites or destinations of the investors. In case, they (manufacturer) found any new appetite, they plan a NFO (New Fund Offering) and sometimes they launch NFO’s to create extra appetite or called professionally as market expansion. But the question is "Are the  Mutual Fund Schemes True to their Colour?". Are these schemes work as per their specific objectives? Or the objectives set are quite vague? Does the legal objectives of these schemes differ from the moral/postioning objectives? We at SarthiWM has done a detailed research to find the answer for all these questions and the results are surprising. Please do call or write for the reports.




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